Sizing & Care

Ring sizing guide

Product care

Our jewelry is made with the highest quality materials, and with proper care can be enjoyed over a lifetime. To keep your jewelry looking great, wipe it down with a soft cloth after each use and store in a dry place. Handle your jewelry with care, especially pieces that have fine chains and small moving parts like our lockets.

All pieces are made from .925 sterling silver, which can tarnish when exposed to sulfur found commonly in chlorine, perspiration, leather and other air pollutants. Wiping down your jewelry with a soft cloth and wearing it regularly will help prevent tarnishing. For light tarnish, apply a mild diluted dish detergent to a soft scratch-free cloth and gently rub jewelry in one direction. For heavier tarnish, wash your jewelry gently with a mild soap in warm water and dry with a soft scratch-free cloth. If tarnish persists, we recommend having your jewelry professionally cleaned.

Every piece is handcrafted and therefore unique. Because of the artisanal handmade process, small variances (such as slight color shifts in the stones) may occur.