About us

Our Vision 

René Habie is the result of living life with open eyes, and the desire to translate meaningful experiences into physical objects. Jewelry is at its best an intimate experience. When made with care, it can touch our bodies for a lifetime. As such, jewelry becomes part of our being in a way that few objects can. With this idea of longevity and intimacy in mind, René Habie celebrates simple but strong design. Each piece is finished only when nothing more can be removed. While inspiration comes from various places—from architecture to the cosmos, from art to design—the resulting jewelry shares a minimalist style and an appreciation for the archetypal.  

Our story

After years of designing jewelry for friends and family I decided to launch RENÉ HABIE with the help of my dear friend Sarah. We've been making things and traveling this lovely planet together for nearly two decades. Traveling, crafting and growing up in the most gorgeous place ever (google "Antigua, Guatemala," I promise it doesn't disappoint) planted a little dream in our heads: can we keep our childhood selves alive by doing what we love while making the world a better place?

The question stuck for years and after a particularly magical trip back home, the dream became a reality. We conceptualized the launch of the online store over micheladas (well, for me, Sarah prefers her beer without lemon and hot sauce) and plenty of meandering conversations about the meaning of life. I wanted to share my designs with the world, Sarah was happy to be a model, muse and partner in crime. And so it happened: over three weeks we dreamed up ideas for photo shoots and hilarity ensued. 

Before we knew it, friends and family members were modeling too and the vision grew. I made a promise to myself:

RENÉ HABIE is about real people, real life, real materials and real experiences. It's not about trends, its about quality and feeling. It's about making things consciously and taking care of our planet and the people we share it with. 

That's why RENÉ HABIE is founded on creative and ethical choices. Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted in our hometown by artisans. Here's our head artisan, René (I know right, meant to be!) at work:

Ethical manufacturing is our standard (not just a plus) and that's why we also give back by donating part of our proceeds to New Roots Foundation, dedicated to supporting art, education and the environment in Guatemala. 

As for our style? It's inspired by people and travel and nature and culture and art. It's the result of living life with open eyes. It's silver and solid and minimal. It's meant to be your trusty go-to adornment as you grow and your style changes. 

We'd love to hear from you friends! Stay up to date and let us know what you think on Instagram @renehabie