Valentine's Day: Why?

Hi Friends, 

I'm mulling over a question I rarely pondered pre-opening up shop: What are we going to do for Valentine's day?

I can't say that I've ever given too much thought to the holiday, except perhaps when I was in high school and the lockers magically transformed overnight from boring plywood boxes to love cubes peppered with pink post-it notes, roses and even the odd heart-shaped balloon. Those were the days when practicing my bubble letter was an essential part of being human and the real challenges of adolescence (aka the drama of becoming an adult, etc etc) manifested in strange and unexpected ways, including but not limited to caring way too much about the opinion of anything that moved.

In any case, with Valentine's Day less than a week away I'm wondering how to offer what we can from the heart, so to speak, without selling out to the uber-consumerism that this holiday has become. Do we have cool lockets that would perfectly fit tiny pictures of your lover? Why yes, we do:


Do we want to employ the most common sales tactic (create a sense of emptiness) so that you think you NEED said lockets to be whole? No, we don't. It's a balance, this thing called commerce, between believing in what you do and selling what you do. Maybe this is a dumb thing to say considering we are in the business of selling stuff, but I have so many questions: what do the things we buy say about who we are? What do objects have to do with love? How did rings become the symbol of eternal commitment? Who decided that roses are the love flower? Speaking of, I'll queue the pic, you queue the love song:


This Valentine's day, like every other day, we will be on the interwebs sharing what we do. However, I felt the urge to opine: while there is, indeed, a day on the calendar dedicated to love, the idea that you show appreciation once a year through chocolate and flowers and polyester teddy bears and lace and yes, jewelry, is whack-a-doo. While I love giving and getting gifts and being appreciated as much as anyone else, for my part I'm trying to be grateful every day, and that's the one thing I know I can do to spread the love. 

✌ & ♡