To blog or not to blog? That is virtually the question.

When I launched RENÉ HABIE earlier this month I was surprised by an unlikely feeling: surrender. After years of designing jewelry I was finally releasing my silver loves into the world to fend for themselves. While I was excited and scared and happy, I also felt oddly calm as I opened the gates that protected my precious website from the Internet and let the world in. I attribute this sense of calm to feeling like I was in the right place.

It was pleasantly surprising to discover that commitment can be liberating... 

Commitment is one thing, but what does that have to do with blogging? I am by nature a very private person. So when I launched RENÉ HABIE I was doubly mortified about sharing part of myself. The question of the tree falling in the forrest came to mind: does RENÉ HABIE exist if no one is wearing it? I don't pretend to have the meta answer but in practical terms the answer is NO. Also, in all areas of life the people I admire most are the ones that share and allow themselves to be vulnerable. My favorite artists are the ones that use their deepest darkest as fuel. My favorite musicians don't shy away from the terrifying act of opening up. My favorite fashion blogger is a self-described over-sharer. And so on. 

So, time to shed some light and open up (hence Parts I, II, and III of our founding story).


Ok, so the people I admire most tend to share. But why is sharing valuable? My most cynical self is petrified of society becoming overly self-surveilled in the age of uber-sharing (that's not a real term, I think?) Alas, it's not my cynical self that started an online biz in 2016 so I'll put that me aside for a minute...My most optimistic answer is that when done sincerely...

Sharing can be in the service of others.

In other words, by presenting personal truths sharers become relatable and their stories can be useful. Just to be clear, I'm not calling for more #bathroomselfies. Nor do I believe that everything needs to be said on the Intertwebs. I'm just sayin' that I'm open to being open. 

When I launched the store I knew that there had to be a blog component. A place where people could learn about the core and vision of RENÉ HABIE. While the hermit in me wants to write in third person and perhaps adopt a pen name that's NOT what's for dinner here friends. If you're hungry for word soup, you can find it here on a weekly basis and if you're craving dessert, eye candy is served daily on our Instagram with delicious pics such as these: 


I promise to keep it real in the hopes that by sharing ya'll can find some value for your own life.