Launching RENÉ HABIE - behind the scenes part II

So as you'll recall from Part I of this story, I left you at the celebratory moment when a complete stranger bought my first Eye Against Evil Necklace from Etsy. I was elated, but that great feeling didn't push me to launch RENÉ HABIE. Why, you ask? Well, I was still a student at NYU (not an excuse), I was making tons of artwork (not an excuse, but here's a pic  of the types of images I was making) and I was really really freaked out (not an excuse, but real) because it turns out that following your dreams is SCARY AF. 

...Anyways...A few years went by friends. I kept designing jewelry on the low low and before I knew it I was graduating from NYU, moving to Jordan for a minute, and then back home to Antigua, Guatemala. During this time I spent many an afternoon in the jewelry shop where my pieces are still handcrafted, building relationships and honing skills.


During this time one pivotal moment helped push me forward. I met two lovely ladies who were about to launch Kindred Black, an online eco-responsible luxury boutique. They loved the Oval Locket Necklace and ordered a few pieces. They interviewed me for their site and before I knew it Kindred Black was up and running and my pieces were snuggled up next to other awesome finger and neck art (trying to find some alternatives to "jewelry," and not sure  if I'm succeeding...) 

My heart was content.


Fast forward to deciding to move to Ze United States of Amrika in early 2016 and taking a zig zagging road trip from Florida to California. Who knew that being on the road would be quite the existential experience indeed. I had to ask myselfvat do I vant to do vith my life? (I tend to speak in accents when the questions get tough...) 

An upside down pictures from said road trip, to convey the existential vibes: 

The answer to my question came over the course of a few months. I already knew that I wanted to continue making art and working with New Roots Foundation (more to come on that) but alas, the missing piece; my love for fashion and design. Could there be a way to put my design skills to use while making Guatemala a better place?

The answer and more to come in the third and final (promise) part of this founding story.