Launching RENÉ HABIE - Behind the scenes part I

On December 15th, 2016 you would have found me trembling at the tiny table in my kitchen. After five years as an incognito designer I was finally launching RENÉ HABIE on ze world wide web. I finished up the last detailslike taking this half moon ring selfieand (gulp) removed the password on the site...

But let's rewind a few years ⏎

I can't say there was one magic moment when I decided this would be my calling. It happened over many years. There was the time I lost my favorite ring somewhere in New York City and realized how much love I had in my heart for finger adornments. Or the time when I searched high and low for this piece of jewelry that must exist somewhere but didn't. Then I was all like, hey I should just make that! Amazing how it happens: a simple idea can become a glass eyeball enrobed in silver hugging your pinky. 


I designed a few pieces and commissioned my favorite artisanal jewelry shop to make them. Over the next few years, I sold a piece here and there. Mostly I gave them away. Then came two essential moments. A dear friend opened a store in Greenwich Village and asked to buy 10 (10!!) of my eye against evil rings. I realized that this could actually be a thing. The fact that my friend believed in me meant EVERYTHING at the time, and without her support who knows how much longer this would have taken me. 


My friend's support gave me enough courage to call myself a <"jewelry designer">. I opened up shop on Etsy and kept my fingers crossed. Ok, so most of my clients were still friends and family but I did manage to sell jewelry to one complete stranger! That one sale was huge. A customer wanted to know if I could design a matching eye against evil necklace. After hunching over a desk with pen and paper for hours, I had created my first commissioned design. Here's a pic (yes, don't judge, this did take hours... ) 


I made it. She loved it. And so it was... Another step forward. 

That's it for now friends, thanks for reading and keep your eyes open for part II of this founding story.