Introducing our new designs!!! (hint: more ways to light a fire, the gold touch, and a little bit of the universe goes a long way)


I am very excited to introduce four new designs! I've had these beauties tucked away in the back of my mind as ideas for way too long. I never get over the feeling of thinking of something and slowly but surely bringing it to life as an actual thing in the real world. Something you can hold and touch, and in this case, rock like a G. It may sound simple stupid but its like magic and alchemy if you think about it in a very basic way: your mind comes up with something (which is already extraordinary! Considering what we do know about the brain, we don't actually know how ideas are formed) and then that thought begs and begs and begs to be real. And there you have it, my thoughts on thoughts. 

But enough of that! Here they are. Friends, meet the Matchstick Earrings AND Matchstick Ring

After the success of the Matchstick Necklace, hands and ears all around the world were getting jealous. To please those cold fingers and ears, we bring you more ways to light it up. 

I've also been cooking up new ways to interpret my favorite shape--the classic oval signet. Here are the results: Introducing the Cosmos Signet Ring....


As its name suggests, this ring is inspired by the stars. Its a simple little reminder to look up and keep that expansive feeling close. The Cosmos Ring has a lot more texture than our other designs. Its not quite rustic, but its earthier than our architectural designs and will fare well with the minimalists and the bohemians alike. 

...And last but not least...The Gold Signet Ring with a solid plate of 14k gold resting atop a lovely bed of sterling silver. 

The gold is super subtle (more photos to come I promise) but when it catches the light in just the right way, well DAMN, its beautiful. 

There you have it, friends. Four new ways to play 🎈