200 Rings/ 20 Creators

Mes amis

I'm very excited to announce that RENÉ HABIE will be participating in the 9th rendition of "200 Rings/20 Creators" in Paris this October!! This is a satellite exhibition running in conjunction with 'Parcours-Bijoux 2017,' an annual innitiative to promote contemporary jewelry design in Paris. From October 6-28, our jewelry will be exhibited and sold at Gallery Goutte De Terre (info below).

After having lived and studied in Paris, participating in a city-wide event celebrating jewelry as an art form is a dream come true! At the gallery you'll be able to find our most loved pieces and learn about 19 other amazing designers. 

For more info, you can visit Galerie Goutte de Terre on Instagram and Facebook.

Paris friends, please grace us with your presence at: 

Galerie Goutte de Terre
4 Rue Basfroi, 75011 Paris
200 Bagues/ 20 Créateurs exhibition
From the 6th - 28th of October
Opening Day 'Vernissage', 6th October 18h to 22h