The Art of Trash with Ariela Kader

Hi Friends, 

I'm excited to share my inteview with Costa Rican artist Ariela Kader as part of an effort to highlight amazing humans and the work they're passionate about. If you didn't catch  the photos from our shoot, you can scroll through our instagram @renehabie or checkout our lookbook. Photographing Ariela has been one of my favorite collaborations yet! Access to her amazing ideas, art, and trove of treasures to use as props made for a glorious day of (fake) flamingo wearing, bubble blowing, emoji bathing, fire-starting, eye-blinking magic!

You can find her artwork online at...

Interview with a Meme-Maker, Internet-Shaker, Stand-Up Comedy Stage-Taker

Hi Friends, 

Here's a new interview series that I'm very excited to kick-off as part of an effort to highlight amazing humans and the work they're passionate about.

Our first interview is with Amada Echeverria. Amada is a stand up comedian and a blogger. Her new Instagram @traderjoesblog is the most refreshing internet place I've been to in a loooong time. She is also getting her Masters degree in Computer Science and is a fitness goddess, making #gains in the brains and seriously inspiring me to rethink my feelings about ze gym. 


Introducing our new designs!!! (hint: more ways to light a fire, the gold touch, and a little bit of the universe goes a long way)


I am very excited to introduce four new designs! I've had these beauties tucked away in the back of my mind as ideas for way too long. I never get over the feeling of thinking of something and slowly but surely bringing it to life as an actual thing in the real world. Something you can hold and touch, and in this case, rock like a G. It may sound simple stupid but its like magic and alchemy if you think about it in a very basic way: your mind comes up with something (which is already extraordinary! Considering...

Valentine's Day: Why?

Hi Friends, 

I'm mulling over a question I rarely pondered pre-opening up shop: What are we going to do for Valentine's day?

I can't say that I've ever given too much thought to the holiday, except perhaps when I was in high school and the lockers magically transformed overnight from boring plywood boxes to love cubes peppered with pink post-it notes, roses and even the odd heart-shaped balloon. Those were the days when practicing my bubble letter was an essential part of being human and the real challenges of adolescence (aka the drama of becoming an adult, etc etc) manifested in strange and unexpected ways, including...

The Tao of Starting a Business

Hi friends, 

In the last post I covered the question of whether to start a blog. The answer was a yes (this is indeed another blog post, but I'll risk redundancy) with a promise to keep the content genuine so that it can be of value to others. Since then, I've mulled over the word "genuine" often. What constitutes a genuine blog post, brand, product? When Sarah--our Grand Master Brand Guru--asked me what three words best described RENÉ HABIE, "smart" "effortless" and "genuine" felt most natural. Today I'm covering genuine because the other two are a consequence of the first. 

The definition...